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CompanyPhoneDirectionsType of Business
Advanced Aircraft Electronics(619) 631-1308MapMaintenance Service
Aero Plane Svc(619) 449-3444MapMaintenance Service
Aerodyne Engineering Co(619) 448-6700MapManufacturing
AIR GROUP ONE, CAF(619) 259-5541MapFlight School
Aircraft Maintenance Service(619) 449-4662MapMaintenance Service
Aircraft Storage Spaces(619) 562-8200MapOvernight Tie-Downs
Airepair(619) 562-4480MapMaintenance Service
Alliance Coatings (619) 596-9191MapManufacturing
Alturair(619) 449-1570MapManufacturing
American Aviation Academy(619) 448-9149MapFlight School
Aviation Seminars(800) 257-9444MapFlight School
BlackHawk Helicopters(619) 562-7776MapHelicopter Rentals
Blue Max Aviation Service(619) 562-9088MapMaintenance Service
BWI Aircraft Insurance Specialists(800) 666-4359MapAerospace
California Flight Academy(619) 448-2212MapFlight School
Champion Gymnastics & Cheer(619) 449-7717MapSales
Classic Hangars(619) 449-0539MapBorder Patrol
Clemens Aero Products (619) 449-5532MapAircraft Supply
Clyde’s Air(619) 448-8076MapFlight School
Coastal Fliers Inc(619) 441-2610MapFlying Club
EAGLE AVIATION(619) 997-4343MapMaintenance Service
Eddies Aero Service(619) 449-0383MapMaintenance Service
El Cajon Flying Service(619) 448-8000MapAircraft Supply
Exotic Aircraft Restoration(619) 562-7467MapMaintenance Service
Flint Aero(619) 448-1551MapManufacturing
Flowerdump! Flowertown, Boutique and Aeronautical accessoriesMapAerospace
FLY THE WING Flight Training(619) 512-3080MapFlight School
Flying Lessons San Diego(619) 449-0611MapFlight School
General Aviation(619) 596-1529MapMaintenance Service
Gillespie Air Center(619) 261-0835MapBorder Patrol
Gillespie Field Cafe(619) 448-5909MapPilot's Association
Gillespie Field Eagles(619) 271-3494MapSales
Gillespie Pilots Association(619) 778-8690MapNinety-Nines Chapter
GKN Aerospace Chem-tronics(619) 448-2320MapMaintenance Service
Golden State Flying Club(800) 277-4568MapFlight School
Hammerhead Aviation(619) 562-6602MapManufacturing
Helistream Inc(619) 448-2540MapFlight School
High Performance Aircraft(619) 448-2604MapAirplane Leasing
Instrument Overhaul Services(619) 449-5565MapMaintenance Service
Jeans Flight Training(619) 449-9234MapFlight School
Jet Aeronautical(619) 562-1950MapFlight School
Jet Air Systems(858) 650-0423MapStorage Spaces
Kleanwerx Aircraft Appearance Specialists(619) 440-4372MapMaintenance Service
Lone Star General Contracting(619) 440-1709MapStorage Spaces
Moody Pacific Aviation Services(858) 210-8889MapAircraft Sales
Nomad Aviation(619) 562-0365MapMaintenance Service
Nordair Aircraft Services(619) 562-3901MapMaintenance Service
Pacific Aerosystem (619) 631-0462MapAirplane Leasing
ParaDrop - Parachutes, Certification, & Equipment (619) 588-2115MapMaintenance Service
Pirate Aviation LLC(619) 633-3033MapFlight School
Proair Aviation (619) 448-8402MapAirplane Leasing
Prop Center(619) 517-5028MapMaintenance Service
SAA Flight Training(619) 631-0323MapFlight School
SAA Flight Training(619) 631-0323MapFlight School
Safari Aviation(619) 448-2360MapMaintenance Service
San Diego Aircaft Sales(619) 562-0990MapAirplane Leasing
San Diego Aircraft Storage(619) 258-8821MapBorder Patrol
San Diego Helicopter Service (619) 562-1964MapMaintenance Service
Schubach Aviation(800) 214-8215MapAerospace
Simon Aviation Services(619) 562-2260MapMaintenance Service
Sky Harbor Hangers (619) 258-8821MapBorder Patrol
Southern Cal Aircraft Repair(619) 448-5010MapMaintenance Service
Sunbelt Rentals (619) 592-2872MapSales
Take Flight San Diego(858) 254-7504MapFlight School
Technologies (619) 588-1799MapAirport Management
The Tag Stop(619) 825-3200MapOwners Association
Thomas Avionics(619) 596-5900MapMaintenance Service
Trio Avionics(619) 448-4619MapManufacturing
Van Isle Avionics (619) 448-2063MapAircraft Supply
Wheels Up Aviation(619) 596-1722MapFlight School
Whirlwind Propellers Corp(619) 562-3725MapMaintenance Service
Wingover Aviation(619) 448-1596MapFlight School
Wings n Wrenches(619) 449-9464MapMaintenance Service
Young Eagles(760) 788-9082MapSales

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